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CMPS provides a comprehensive concussion evaluation and management program. Utilizing the ImPACT Concussion Evaluation Protocol, we are able to provide a state-of-the art approach to concussion assessment and management.

This approach involves all of our team members coming together in a collaborative manner to assess concussion severity and recovery, and then to assist in monitoring and following guidelines for return to play or return to work.

Concussion, while common, is difficult to diagnose and treat. ImPACT gives sports medicine clinicians critical information to help them with concussion management practices and promote safe return-to-play decisions for athletes. Concussion happens to be one of the most serious and prevalent medical problems for school athletes.

The best way to prevent chronic symptoms is to properly evaluate and manage concussions when they happen. ImPACT can provide critical information in terms of the severity of injury, plus it sets the standard for injury recovery evaluation.

What is ImPACT?

ImPACT is a state of the art computer test designed to help clinicians evaluate an athlete’s recovery after concussion. The program is a 20-minute test battery designed to achieve a baseline level of cognitive functioning. This may involve puzzles and tasks that measure attention, memory, speed of thinking, reaction times, visual-spatial ability, etc. Follow-up testing will be administered to detect changes in these areas of cognition from the baseline. These follow-ups can be taken over days or weeks in order to efficiently track the injury recovery.

ImPACT is user-friendly, with the ability to track injuries from the field through the entire recovery process.

Why Should You Use ImPACT?

ImPACT offers many benefits. For one, it answers difficult questions about an athlete’s ability to return to competitive play, preventing further injury that could result from returning too soon. Traditional procedures such as CT, MRI and EEG can be very helpful in identifying serious concerns like skull fractures, hematomas and contusions, but they are not useful when it comes to determining the effects of a concussion.

ImPACT currently offers concussion management services at thousands of high schools, colleges, sports medicine facilities, and professional teams world wide.

To learn more about ImPACT concussion testing, call Comprehensive Medpsych Systems at 941-363-0878.