Allye Doolittle, LCSW

Allye Doolittle, LCSW


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Allye Doolittle, LCSW

Allye is a Florida Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has enjoyed clinical counseling for over 20 years.  She has a Masters Degree in Social Work from FSU, Tallahassee- and a BA in Social Work from Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and a BA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Sociology) from University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

Allye has worked in all areas of counseling from hospice, end of life/palliative care to Individuals, Couples, Marital and Family Therapeutic Counseling.  Allye has worked in both active duty and veteran settings serving individuals, their families and in particular, a practice devoted to Caregivers who are responsible for adjusting to their loved ones traumatic injuries where they are addressing lifelong spinal cord paralysis.  She has dedicated her life’s work in medical settings and is familiar with case management details, family planning with women in high risk pregnancies and often addicted to substances while pregnant.

Allye has worked with inmates in maximum security prison settings who have diagnosed psychological and behavioral disorders.  She is comfortable with assisting with life’s adjustment, particularly with women’s issues, aging, and minorities addressing discrimination in workplace settings.  Allye understands stressors that can be specific to single parenting, along with career management. Allye embraces change as constant in our lives, yet few consider getting assistance until things are in a crisis mode.  She hopes to build a practice of medical changes and mental health improvements while addressing any health changes.

Allye enjoys clinical services in all ages from grade school to Geriatrics.  She has worked in Judicial counseling and education as a Parent Coordinator, and looks forward to adding this service.  She holds an Addiction Certification for the State of Florida, and has had previous certifications in Gambling Addiction, and hope to recertify.  Allye is very familiar with workplace issues as an Independent contractor with Employee Assistance Programs and understands workplace politics that can add a heavy burden during employment.  She is very open to working in counseling areas dealing with Union issues, EEOCs, and Whistleblower, as well as, stressors addressing discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

If asked, Allye would state she is an eclectic therapist, and prefer to use both psychoanalytic and family systems modalities, as well as Cognitive Behavior therapies.  Allye enjoys empowerment and validation sessions with clients, psycho education, and believes in homework between sessions.  Her motto is: “If you desire change, then I am your agent and together, we are taking the journey towards your goals.” Allye is open to discussing scheduling times that fit outside of her regular office hours.

Allye is returning home to Jacksonville, after over 5 years working in Germany- in all forms of counseling, and over 8 years with the federal government.  She is very grateful to now be home with both Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, and home to her roots.  Her goal with MedPsych started with Dr. Kanter over 5 years ago, and he is finally bringing her home to join the MedPsych family. She embraces the opportunity to devote compassionate caring in counseling.